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Tantric Mentoring

Are you looking for a deeper level of guidance and support with your intimacy, sexuality and relationships?

Our Tantric mentoring goes deeper than conventional counselling or therapy, and integrates the understanding of your body, your sexual, emotional and spiritual energy, and masculine & feminine energy flows into your personal growth.

With nearly 30 years of combined experience in the field, we bring can bring clarity and solutions in taking the next steps on your path, and making breakthrough to new levels of love, empowerment, and embodiment.

We can assist in the areas of:

  • Sexual health and energetic alignment

  • Emotional and relationship dynamics

  • Trauma & anxiety in relationship and intimacy

  • Embracing your Masculine/Feminine energies

  • Developing trust, and openness to intimacy

  • Becoming more self-loving, confident and
    connected to your authentic power and pleasure


Both Simon & Alison can assist you with a wide range of issues and goals.

We suggest working with whichever one of us you feel more drawn to, or you can message us with details about your situation and goals, and we can make a suggestion.

Prices start at around $900 for 3 sessions.


If you're interested in mentoring, we offer a complimentary 20 minute conversation so we can decide if it's right to work together.

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