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Emotional & Trauma

Emotional blocks, and emotional or sexual trauma can have a huge impact on your intimacy, sexuality and life.

Our emotional & trauma healing work can help you release old trauma and blocks, and open to the deeper love and joy your heart desires.

In our journey as healers and Tantric practitioners, we've learned the effects of old emotional pain and past trauma can be one of the most significant challenges in people's lives.


Over the last 2 decades we've developed approaches for healing emotions and trauma which incorporate tantric wisdom and principles, which go far beyond conventional psychology or therapy or counselling.


If you have emotional blocks or patterns, or emotional or sexual trauma you'd like to heal on the deepest level, we can help you to heal and release in a deep and embodied way.

We can support you to heal any experience of emotional blockages or trauma including:

  • Recovering from grief, shock or loss

  • Transforming old relationship patterns and blocks

  • Healing patterns of shame, guilt, fear and anxiety

  • Releasing the effects of emotional or physical abuse

  • Re-patterning suppressed childhood emotions and trauma

  • Developing deeper trust and self-confidence


Both Alison & Simon offer emotional & trauma healing packages.


We recommend working with whichever one of us you feel intuitively drawn to:

Prices start at around $900 for 3 sessions.


For healing deep or long-standing patterns or trauma we usually recommend starting with a program of 6 sessions, which is $1600.


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