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Simon Wing-Lun

Simon is co-founder Embodied Love Tantra, founder of Unconditional Love Healing, and Director of The Authentic Living Centre together with his wife Lora.

Deeply involved in conscious work since a spiritual awakening in his early twenties, Simon has been professionally healing and teaching since 2009, practicing tantra for more than a decade. Through this time Simon has had extensive experience working with sexual trauma, and many forms of sexual pain and repression that can happen in our lives, and brings this sensitivity and awareness to Tantric work.

Sharing from deeply practiced experience in life, in partnership and in marriage, Simon continues to live in commitment to honouring the love, grace and freedom inherent in all things. 

Simon's has a deep passion for teaching tantra as a practice of spiritual love which goes beyond just physical pleasure, which connects us soul to soul, and awakens us to the deepest levels of love and energy within our being.


In mentoring and healing work, Simon supports others to experience unconditional love for themselves, connect to their masculine & feminine power, to release and heal inner blocks and old trauma, and to embrace the divinely ecstatic potential of human love and intimacy.

Simon enjoys supporting women, men and couples to take the next steps in their Tantric journeys, and opening more fully to the great love and joy of life that is possible for us all.

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Contact Simon

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