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Tantric Energy Healing

Tantric Energy Healing is a powerful approach to healing, which creates powerful embodied transformation.

In a Tantric Energy Healing session, we work with the body and energy systems to clear emotional and energy blockages, and align your with your full potential.


The key difference between our Tantric Energy Healing sessions and other forms of energy healing, is that we truly integrate all levels of your energy the session, including your sexual, emotional, and life force energies which are fundamental to such much of your life experience.

Healing sessions usually include gentle touch and energy release techniques on the body, but can also be done without touch if required.

Tantric Energy Healing can assist with:

  • Releasing and clearing emotional blocks and trauma

  • Re-connecting and expanding your sexual/life force energy

  • Opening your capacity to receive and experience pleasure

  • Aligning your energy with your highest potential

  • Empowering you to be your fullest self


Both Alison & Simon offer tantric energy healing sessions.

We suggest working with whichever one of us you feel more drawn to.

Prices start at $330 for 1 session, or $900 for 3 sessions.


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