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What is Tantra?

Tantra is the ancient art of divine love. 

Of connecting to the truth of who we are, and expressing love through our bodies, hearts and energy systems in the way that is authentic to us.


Tantra includes sex as part of the spiritual and creative beauty of life, but also goes beyond it into our relationships, intimacy, and connection to life and the universe itself.

Most importantly for the modern world, Tantra teaches us how can embody love, and become the most loving, empowered, and free version of ourselves, and experience love in the most beautiful ways in our bodies, intimacy, sexuality and relationships.

From our perspective Tantra is for everyone, of every background, gender and sexual orientation. If you are open to feel love deeply, and feel bliss of your soul and spirit, then Tantra can bring many gifts of healing, growth, expansion, connection and pleasure into your life.

Our Approach of
Embodied Love

Our approach comes from more than 25 years of combined experience in Tantra, Conscious Sexuality and the Healing Arts.

For us Tantra is a whole being practice and experience, not just a sexual or physical technique.

We honour the beauty and power of simplicity, and also the nuance and complexity of the human experience.

We honour the messages of pain and trauma, as well as the call of pleasure and desire.

We listen to the body, in harmony and balance with the heart, spirit and mind.

And above all, we begin with the question, what would love do?

For love is one true answer to it all.

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