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Tantra Temple Sydney
with Simon Wing-Lun & Nadia Nauss

Next Event: Saturday April 27th 
Theme - Sensuality

Are you ready to explore your relationship with your own sexuality and others in a spiritual and conscious way?

Would you like to step into a space of deeper freedom and connection to inner ecstasy, and to discover what blocks and energies are in the way of being you authentic self?


Sexuality is sacred & spiritual.

Sexuality can be profoundly ecstatic, and joyful, and also a place of deep healing for pain & trauma we hold.

Tantra Temple Sydney is a space to discover and explore what your authentic sexuality is, and how it expresses itself in a space of safety and sacredness.


We call the space a Temple, because the approach and intention we bring to it is one of devotion and reverence to ourselves and each other, and to the divine beauty of life and the human experience.



What Happens at The Event


The event starts with an opening sharing circle, and the setting of boundaries and agreements to create a container of safety.

We then move into a Tantric Embodiment workshop, with some powerful connection practices to meet others in the space, and then some fundamental tantric exercises with energy and optional touch, in pairs and groups.

After a break, we then move into the Temple space, which is a free space to connect with others and also to spend time observing, meditating, dancing or in self-reflection if you choose. This space is clothing-optional with permission to connect physical or sexually with consent.

Through the whole event our emphasis is to take it as a powerful opportunity to explore and discover more about your authentic sexuality and what emerges in a space of true non-judgment and freedom of expression. It is designed to be a space of great love and joy, and also where you may become aware of blocks, fears or limitations you’ve held within.



April Event Theme - Sensuality

For our April temple we will be exploring the theme of Sensuality.

What it means to not just be sensual in a physical sense, but also in an energetic, emotional and spiritual sense, finding new ways to connect that feel sensual, loving and pleasurable on all levels of our being.

As we expand our sensual sensitivity, new dimensions of pleasure can be opened up to, deeper textures of our soul can be felt, and we can also become more in tune with our authentic emotional needs, desires for connection, and also the most loving ways to set boundaries.

Come explore and expand your experience of tantric sensuality, and celebrate your truly spiritual and sensual nature.



Who this is for


This event is for those with an interest in experiencing the conscious, spiritual and energetic dimensions of sexuality, and who are comfortable with a level of physical touch and intimacy with others.

All activities are optional. There most likely will be undressed people and different levels of sexual connection happening in the temple space, so this is for people who are comfortable with being in an environment with some nudity and sexual activity.

The space is designed for any individuals who want to discover more about themselves and their sexuality in an embodied way, and for couples interested in exploring sexuality in an open environment.

Couples who attend are welcome to just be with each other for all the activities and for the temple space. There is also an option to be open to connect with others if you choose.

Partner tickets are available for couples and friends, and also for single women. Single men’s tickets are not available. This is an 18+, LGBQTI friendly event, if you do not see a ticket category that fits you please contact us.

Some people who attend may be deeply experienced in Tantra, and some may be brand-new. If you come with an open mind and heart, there will always be the opportunity for an enlightening experience.




Who this is NOT for.


This is not for people who would be overly uncomfortable being in a clothing-optional space with some nudity, and with sexual permission and freedom. While you don’t necessarily need previous experience to attend, it is NOT designed for people just looking for an “Intro to Tantra” workshop. If you’re looking just to learn the foundations of Tantra, Simon & Nadia have other more suitable offerings for both individuals and couples.



Benefits of Attending


. Connect more deeply with your authentic self and your sexual energies

. Discover new dimensions of physical and energetic connection with others or with your partner

. Gain awareness of blocks or resistance to your authentic joy

. Release layers of fear and shame around your sexuality

. Deepen your practice of self-love & self-honouring


Event Schedule:

The event schedule is as follows. Arrival is from 3pm, with last entry & doors closing at 3.30pm.

  • 3pm-3.20pm - Arrival time

  • 3.30pm - 6pm - Tantra Workshop

  • 6pm - 6.30pm - Break time

  • 6.30pm - Temple Space Opening

  • 9.40pm - Temple Space Closing Circle

  • 10pm - Event Finish



What to bring and what to wear

Bring an open mind, and an intention and willingness to be respectful and loving within the space.

Also bring a water bottle, and a towel or sarong.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable, authentic and sensual in. For the workshop loose or stretchy clothes you can move around in will be good.



Terms & Conditions

By booking a ticket you confirm you understand and agree that:

  • This is an 18+ event and you are 18 years old or above

  • This is a drug & alcohol free event, and you will at no time be under the influence in the space

  • The privacy and boundaries of all other participants will be respected

  • All activities are optional, and you are free to only participate in activities of your choice

  • Tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable to a future event with 48hrs notice, one time only

  • If the female partner of a partnered ticket is unable to attend, the male partner will not be able to gain admission alone. However, tickets are transferable to another person or date if arranged in advance.


Ticket Options

The following Ticket Options are available:

  • Single Women

  • Single - For non-binary identified people

  • Couple M+F - A woman and man in relationship

  • Friends M+F - A woman and man who are friends

  • Couple 2 Women - 2 women in a relationship

  • Couple LGBTQIA+ - LGBTQIA+ Couples other than 2 Women

Single Women’s tickets are $111+booking fee. Partner tickets are $222+bf. Strictly limited places so book early. Please note single men's tickets are not available.


Venue & Parking

The temple will be held at The Authentic Living Centre, Darlinghurst, on the corner of Oxford & Crown st. For parking we recommend Wilson Parking Riley st, or Secure Parking Goulburn st, for about $11-$15.

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