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Radiant Woman


Embrace Your Sexuality
& Sensuality

 - Radiant Woman -
A Tantric Embodiment & Healing Journey
4 Month Training for Women starting From July - Nov 2023

Tantra is the ancient path of spiritual sexual awakening, and its wisdom can have many benefits in our modern lives.

This Tantric embodiment and healing journey is for women who want to open to their full potential in sexuality and sensuality and to uncover their natural radiance.


This journey is for you if you would like to:


  • Experience more fulfilment, joy and pleasure in sexuality

  • Open to more loving and sensual intimacy in relationship

  • Embrace your feminine radiance, softness and light

  • Let go and heal old patterns from the past

  • Connect to the wisdom and power of your body

Over 4 months and 5 in person immersions, this will be a powerful opportunity to shift and release old patterns from the past, and embrace a new level of loving, sensual embodiment.


Embrace Your Sexuality & Let Your Light Shine


As a woman embraces her unique expression of sexuality and sensuality, becoming deeply present in her body and open to the pleasure of life, more of her light can shine. This light shines through her eyes and her smile and shows through her heart and the love she shares in the world. 

This radiance is magnetic, attractive, and available to every woman at all ages and transcends all stereotypes of beauty.

Sexuality and sensuality is such an important piece in the path of living your light, as sexual energy is part of the core of who you are, and your life-force energy

Yet because there's been so many limiting patterns and beliefs about sexuality in society and many people's upbringing, your light can be dimmed by fears, shame, and limiting patterns from the past.

This Tantric Embodiment & Healing journey will help you powerfully shift and transform these patterns, re-connect to your sexual & sensual nature as a women, open to deeper and more loving intimacy, and let your true radiance shine like never before.



About this Journey

When you join this journey, you'll experience 5 in person immersions over 4 months in Sydney with Alison & Simon, get additional monthly 1 on 1 support, and be part of a supportive and empowering group of women embracing your sexuality and authentic radiance together.

Some of the modules we’ll be covering include:


  • The spiritual nature of sex and intimacy

  • Embracing the beauty and power of your body

  • Embracing pleasure, sensuality and the spirituality of orgasm

  • Tantric approaches to healing and releasing

  • Aligning with deep love and intimacy in relationships

  • Opening up your tantric life-force energy

  • The inner feminine & masculine and your unique feminine embodiment

  • Living your true radiance, joy and light

The dates and times for the immersions are:

  • Immersion 1: Tantra, Embodiment & Healing
    Sat & Sun July 1st & 2nd - 9.30am-5.00pm

  • Immersion 2: Sexuality, Energy & Pleasure
    Fri Eve Aug 11th 6.30-9pm, Sat Aug 12th -9.30am-5.00pm

  • Immersion 3: Conscious Relating & Intimacy
    Fri Eve Sept 8th 6.30pm-9pm, Sat Sept 9th -9.30am-5.00pm

  • Immersion 4: Feminine & Masculine
    Fri Eve Oct 7th 6.30pm-9pm, Sat Oct 8th -9.30am-5.00pm

  • Immersion 5: Integration
    Sat & Sun Nov 4th & 5th -9.30am-5.30pm

Places in this journey are strictly limited, so we can provide a powerful and individualised experience for each participant.

If you feel called to turn towards your sexuality and sensuality, to cultivate your inner light and embody your radiant self, join us for a truly life changing experience.

The investment per person is:

Full price on payment plan $4111, or paid upfront $3888.

Payments plans can be made with an initial $960 deposit, and then 4 monthly payments of $787.75.

Please note this journey is most suitable for those with some existing experience in personal or spiritual growth.


To apply to join or for more info, please fill in the form below:

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