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Feminine Flow

Feminine Flow - Women's Dance,
Tantric Breath & Energy Flow

Next Event: TBC

Inside many women is a desire to return to a more natural way of being, a place of ease and connection to your inner rhythms.

This monthly gathering is a space for you to let go of the busyness, drop into your beautiful body and find your unique flow.

You are invited to slow down, breathe, move, and feel yourself deeply. We will play with a mixture of dance, tantric breath and energy cultivation and feminine embodiment practices to support you to soften into this moment and feel your aliveness.

You will be guided in a safe and welcoming space where all of you is allowed. This is a space of permission and expression.

The evening will start with a warmup. We will then dance and move through a series of practices that are designed to open your natural energy flow and connect you back into your natural radiance. There will be a chance for sharing and then a closing circle.

Benefits are you'll feel more:

  • Relaxed into your body

  • Energised and revitalised

  • Connected to your feminine energy

  • Light and empowered

  • Alive & in the flow

Come along and re-awaken your inner light and radiance!

About Alison 

I love supporting women to feel more alive and connected to their vibrant life-force and feminine essence and I am excited to be creating this new event for women.

In addition to a very deep level of tantric training, my background includes counselling and psychology, energy healing, conscious dance facilitation, yoga, breathwork, and many forms of meditation.

All this work is integrated into how I facilitate tantric space, weaving threads of consciousness and energy, opening and connecting people's hearts and spirits.

Originally working with a busy, analytical mind in corporate IT, I spent many years discovering my feminine gifts of intuition, softness and vulnerability, and transitioning into an embodied experience of her body and heart. I love working with women to help make this mind-to-body transition, and to embody their feminine nature and reclaim the ability to feel pleasure and joy.


Details & Booking

Time: 6.45pm (For a 7pm start) -9pm

Venue: The Authentic Living Centre, Darlinghurst

Tickets: $65 - Earlybird special $55 if available.

See you there!

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