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Radiant Woman

Tantric Embodiment Intro Event

Radiant Woman 
Tantric Embodiment Intro Workshop

Sunday May 28th - 9.30am-1.30pm

Tantra is the ancient path of spiritual sexual awakening, of embracing all of

who we are, and understanding the flow of energies that move through us.

Feminine & masculine, emotion, sexuality, spiritual life force, and love, are all integrated and harmonised through the practice and embodiment of Tantra.

The wisdom of tantra shows how to deepen intimacy and connection, and supports you to unveil your natural radiance and light, allowing you to shine and connect from ease within.


This workshop is an introduction to how you can:

  • Open to your full potential in sexuality and sensuality

  • Embody your feminine radiance

  • Connect to your innate life force and vitality

  • Experience sacredness in relationships and intimacy

This is also an intro to the deeper 4-month Radiant Woman Journey we are offering beginning July 1st.

During the morning we'll have some enlightening discussion on the art of Tantra,spiritual sexuality and relationships, and masculine and feminine. We'll also do some simple and powerful embodiment practices to support you to connect with your body, sexuality and life force energies.

You are welcome to attend if you would like to feel more pleasure, more confidence, more connection and ease with your body. To understand how much richer, deeper and more connected your experience of sexuality and sensuality can potentially be.



With Alison Petrie & Simon Wing-Lun


Details & Booking

Date: Sunday May 28th

Time: 9.30am-1.30pm

Venue: The Authentic Living Centre, Darlinghurs

Tickets: $55 - Limited places available

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